Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm back!

Sometimes life really gets in the way! Just as I was getting used to this blogging thing, my personal life ran into quite a few snags. We chose to live in a city because of the close proximity to highways and conveniences, not to mention lower housing prices, but we have to remember that having these things means having a larger population, which in turn creates the potential for more crime. Well, we got to experience that early in September when one night my car was stolen right from my driveway. I have since gotten it back, but September was really stressful. We've been finishing up some of the work on the house (details and pictures to come in a near future post) so our budget is strained as it is, so I can't tell you how freaked out I was about having to buy a new car. Luckily not only did I get it back but it was generally unharmed.

On top of the car thing, we had to deal with a flooded kitchen-and-dripping-ceiling-of-basement last week when our washing machine died. I'm all ears for any advice on good front loaders to buy!

I'm actually taking today off from work as a mental health day just to really get our life back in order, but before I get into all that I thought I'd share some ideas I have for sprucing up our master bedroom. The only picture I have of the room is from when we first moved in so I'll share that -

The furniture in this room has been moved around a bunch of times since the picture, the bedding is totally different, we have new windows and new curtains, and we have a wrought iron headboard now. We're going with wood blinds when we finish the windows because we have a nice mahogany ceiling fan. But basically, you get the point of the color in the room. I'm thinking of creating some sort of focal wall on the one to the left of the bed and I have to decide if I want to go with wall art or wallpaper. Have you tried either one? I'm worried the wall art will look too cheap and worried the wallpaper will look too "wallpaper". I'm thinking of a wall decal I saw on red or brown...

or this fabulous Graham & Brown Wallpaper...

It's so hard to decide! I want to go sort of earthy because we have a fabulous world map print on the wall and our bedding is now this...

The brown and wood tones look great with the red but the room is just so dark right now with the black furniture...which I love, so I'm looking for ways to just put some oomph into the space. I have a feeling I'll be working on this more than all the cleaning that has to be done today!

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