Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's with the peacock?

Last January we stumbled upon the never-been-updated 50s ranch that we now call home. Look closely at the picture and you can see the aluminum storm door at the front entry looked like this...

The massive bird suddenly became the mascot of the house, and jokingly we named our new home "Casa de Peacock".

Here's a sample of what inside the living room looked like before we moved in. The gorgeous hardwoods all over the house had been covered with carpets. Water was seeping through that broken peacock storm door and rotted the floors in the entry way, hidden behind a light-blocking, boring door.

We bought it because it was great structurally and the perfect size. Everything pretty much needed updating in the house... and some of it still does. But that list never ends! To name just a few things we tackled before we moved in we replaced the roof, the electrical service and all the outlets, finished the floors, painted the walls, windows, doors, and replaced some windows. This is the living room after some of the renovations:

Stay tuned for more on our house adventures. Right now we are undertaking exterior renovations, and the precious peacock has been removed from its perch!

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